German Bread

In Germany bread is staple food and cultural possession. The variety of bread sorts (circa 500) and sizes is immense. For Germans all over the world to eat German bread is a piece of home. The importance of bread in Germany is also shown by the great number of different names and regional specialities for bread (and bread with spread): "Stulle", "Bütterchen", "Semmel", "Brötchen", "Stuten", "Münsterländer", "Paderborner", "Heidebrot", "Frankenlaib", … The famoust German bread is "Pumpernickel".
Today there are 47 backeries per 100.000 inhabitants in Germany. In 2010 each German household consumed on the average 41 kilogram of bread - mostly bread made from wheat and rye flour ("Mischbrot") - each fifth loaf of bread.

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