German Cooking

The best recipes from Germany - from Bratwurst to Schnitzel and Potatoe Salad to Rotkohl.

Here you can find lots of interesting and helpful books about German Cooking from authentic German Home Style Recipes like Schweinebraten, Jaegerschnitzel to cakes (Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte) and cookies (Heidesand). If you know of other great German dishes or recipes please tell me!
Staple food in Germany is bread - brown and white bread and lots of other sorts.

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German Beer and Wine

Germany is well known for its beer but it has also great wine from the different regions like Mosel, Pfalz, Württemberg, Rheinhessen, Rheingau, Franken, etc.

What can you find on a typical German Menu?

Dining in Germany can be very different. But if you go to a German restaurant you will probably find some of the things I tried to explain in the following table.
Suppen - Soups
Tomatensuppe - Tomato Soup
Ochsenschwanzsuppe - Oxtail Soup
Hühnersuppe - Chicken Soup
Gulaschsuppe - Goulash Soup (sometimes hot)
Zwiebelsuppe - Onion Soup
Kartoffelsuppe - Potato Soup
Salat - Salad
Gemischter Salat - Mixed Salad
Tomatensalat - Tomato Salad
Gurkensalat - Cucumber Salad
Kartoffelsalat - Potato Salad

Gemüse - Vegetables
Sauerkraut - Sour Cabbage
Rotkraut/-kohl - Red Cabbage

Nachtisch/Dessert - Dessert
Gemischtes Eis - Ice Cream
Kuchen - Cake
Bienenstich - creamy custard filled cake with almond glaze topping
Apfelkuchen - Apple Pie
Käsekuchen - Cheese Cake
Obsttorte - Flan
Schwarzwälderkirschtorte - Black Forest Cake
Sacher Torte - Dark Chocolate Cake (Austrian)
Schokoladentorte - Chocolate Cake
Apfelstrudel - Applestrudel (Austrian)

Bratwurst - different styles: Nürnberger (very small ones), Thüringer (my favourite), Weißwürste (white veal bratwurst)
Schnitzel Natur - Cutlet
Wiener Schnitzel - breaded Cutlet (originally veal in Germany usually pork) 
Jägerschnitzel - Cutlet with a mushroom sauce
Zigeunerschnitzel - Cutlet with a spicy paprika sauce
Rahmschnitzel - Cutlet with heavy cream
Kassler Rippchen - Smoked Pork Chops
Gulasch - Goulash
Schweinebraten - Roast Pork
Rouladen - Rolled Beef
Sauerbraten - Marinated Beef or Pork (sour)
Kalbsleber - Calf's Liver (Berlin style with fresh Apples and Onion slices)
Zwiebelbraten - Onion Roast
Hähnchen - Chockerel
Ente - Duck
Hasenbraten - Roast Hare
Rehrücken - Roast Deer (?)
Hirschragout - Ragout of Hart

Spätzle - German style egg noodles
Kartoffelpuffer - Potato Pancakes
Kartoffelbrei - Mashed Potatoes
Salzkartoffeln - Boiled Potatoes
Pommes Frites - French Fries (short form: Pommes)
Knödel/Klöße - Dumpling (Kartoffelknödel - Potato Dumpling)
Semmelknödel - Bread Dumpling

Getränke - Beverages/Drinks
Bier (Pils, Export, Altbier, Kölsch, Weizen) - Beer
Radler - Beer with Sprite
Wein - Wine
Cola - Coke
Orangensaft - Orange Juice
Apfelsaft - Apple Juice
Apfelschorle - half Apple Juice half Mineral Water
Mineralwasser - Mineral Water
Kaffee - Coffee
Tee - Tea

In Germany the price of your meal already includes the taxes and the tip. However if you enjoyed a fine meal and a not too bad service (you probably won't find the same great service as in the US) you should add a little bit extra to the bill (pay 25 Euro instead of 23.90 Euro). If you are a student or do not earn money by your own, you can go without tipping. Moreover, it is regular to round up the amount payable (pay 12 Euro instead of 11.80 Euro).


Würchwitzer Milbenkäse - Cheese Specialty from Würchwitz in Saxony-Anhalt. Enzymes of cheese mites are responsible for the maturation, in contrast to other cheeses, where lab-enzymes or lactic acid bacteria are used.

Aal Grün - Fish specialties from Berlin and Brandenburg. Cooked eel with "Spreewaldsoße" fish broth and light roux with butter, cream, parsley and dill.

Pfälzer Saumagen - Meat dish from the Palatinate (dialect "Saumage" or "Saumaache") region. From salt pork, meat, diced potatoes. In pig's stomach stuffed and cooked.

Blutwurst - Cook sausage of pork blood, bacon, rind, salt, pepper, marjoram, thyme, allspice, ginger. Regarded as one of the world's oldest sausage species that is mentioned in Homer's "Odyssey".

Saures Lüngerl - In southern Germany and Austria "Beuschel" oder "Beuscherl": ragout of minced lung in sour cream sauce, served with bread dumplings.

Bregenwurst - Raw or smoked sausage made of pork and pork belly. "Bregen" is Low German for brain. This is now banned as an ingredient, but the name has remained.

Snuten un Poten - Low German for snouts and paws. North German dish of pickled pork parts. Cooked with bay leaves, juniper berries, peppercorns.

Flurgönder - Specialty in the Fulda country. Raw, smoked brawn in the form of bubbles, cooked, often served with noodles.

Schwarzsauer - North German, formerly East Prussian meal. From goose or pig blood clotting by the addition of vinegar, is black and the added meat residues and binds rinds.

Kutteln - Kitchen Linguistic name for the rumen, the largest of the three rumen of the cow or other ruminants. As a stew, stew or soup in processed or fried.

Niere - Kidney (especially veal or pork), as many offal, traditionally prepared rather in Catholic areas. As the "acid kidney" typical Westphalian, South German or Saxon.

Kalbsbries - the pituitary gland of young beef (thymus) is linguistically kitchen sweetbreads (German: Bries, Swiss: Milke) called. Popular because of the delicacy, is rich in potassium and vitamin C.

German Wine

Mostly in southern Germany you can find a lot of wine (Riesling, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Geürztraminer …)

German Beer

You know that we Germans love our own beer but it is also pretty famous throughout the world. Here I have listed some interesting Websites about German beer (unfortunately most of them are in German):

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