Wonderful German Children's books / Child books

Great literature for kids from Germany in English from Michael Ende to Erich Kaestner. Here you can find lots of wonderful childrenbooks from German authors. Some of these might be already known by you but you did not realize that these books were written by a German author.

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Certainly German kids love also (Paid link) Harry Potter and there are already lots of books about witches and wizards on the market but here you will find some other very famous children's books from German (or in Germany living) authors. One who is clearly comparable with Joanne Rowling is Cornelia Funke. Her books are known worldwide and children love to read these fantastic stories like:

Heinrich Hoffmann

Erich Kästner

Unfortunately, most of his wonderful books are out of stock at amazon.

Ende, Michael

Otfried Preussler

Johanna Spyri


Wolfgang Ecke

Helme Heine


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If you miss a specific book here - I know that this is just a small collection - please mail me